Man transformed into blonde teenager

It seemed to be a summer like so many others. His friend Frank and him went up to Frank's cabin up in the mountain to hunt.

His wife teased him about these trips. "So these are your back to nature trips, are they?" she asked. "Far away from the chattering voices of women? You know what I think, I think Frank has the hots for you!"

Peter tried to explain: He just like to walk around in the mountains, and Frank was a childhood friend. They knew each other well, and did not have to explain everything. There were no surprises on these trips, and Peter had enough excitement in his ordinary life as a policeman.

Besides, although Frank was a loner, Peter knew he was not gay. There were too many copies of Penthouse and Hustler up there for that too make any sense.

Peace and quiet? Well, no this time. Frank, the accountant, had other plans.

Peter could sense that something was different when driving up to the mountain. Frank was nervous about something. He talked fast and too much about nothing at all.

They arrived late in the evening, and did not have time for much more than putting the cabin in order. Peter found some firewood. Frank prepared a simple dinner.

After dinner, they normally sat down in the main room of the cabin to wind down the day. However, Frank was still nervous.

"I have something for you," he said and fetched a small bottle from his rucksack. There was no label. "I got this one from a new store down at the mall called Spells R Us he said. An old man there told me that this was the right thing for us. This is the Elixir of Inanna."

“It looks like something a girl would drink,” Peter protested. “Give me a beer will you!?”
Frank insisted, and just to please his old friend Peter drank the girly drink in go.

"What the f....!" His heart stopped beating. Then it started again, this time much faster. “Ooooouph!” he moaned and fell down on his knees. It burned like poison.

“It is not dangerous, ” Frank said, “Just hold on there and prepare yourself for the ride of your life."

Peter's body shrunk rapidly, and he was loosing body mass by the pound.
He could see his body hair disappear, at the same time as golden locks fell down into his face.

”Yes, that’s right!” Frank said. “I am turning you into the woman of my dreams, a young sexy teenage blonde. You will love it.”

So that was it! Frank was totally unable to relate to regular women in any sensible way, so now he was designing his own combination of male friendship and female allure. No way was he going to get away with this!

Peter tried to get hold of his rifle, but he was not able to stand for more than a few seconds. He fell down on the bed.

Fuck, it was already too late. He could feel his balls retract up into his body. The sack split and was reshaped into pussy lips. It felt weird. Not unpleasant, but weird.

Soft mounds appeared on his chest, lifting his shirt inch by inch. They felt soft to the the touch. If they had been on any other body he would have loved them.

He resigned to his fate when his penis found a new life as a pink, sensitive clit.

Peter lay still for a few minutes. Then he took off his now far to big clothes, and looked down at his new body. This girl was gorgeous, but she was not him. No way! This elixir of Frank's was probably some kind of psychedelic drug, and this was all an hallucination.
He touched his crotch. It felt very real though.

He could feel his new hormones starting to do their work. He was breathing more rapidly, and his mind started to fill with strange images. He could see himself..... No. She could see herself embracing Frank, kissing him. Noooo! Still, it wouldn't be too bad to touch his cock, would it? He tried to think of something else, anything else.

Still, his new female body had now a will of its own. “Hey Frank,” she said as she spread her legs. “Look at this, I have two holes! Please come here and put your dick into my pussy, Frank. Right now!”

Frank approached her carefully and took of his clothes. This wasn't bad at all, Peter thought. This was her good friend frank. She loved Frank, always had, and he looked so good, muscles and all.

She guided his member into her virgin vagina. It hurt a little. Then it was all good.

During the next couple of hours, Frank tested out all the main openings of Peter’s new body. What they didn’t know was that semen made the changes irreversible.

God knows what Peter's wife would do when she met her new "daughter".

The pix are from Hustler. This is a work of fiction, and the model depicted is not in any way related to the fictional characters of this story.

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