Weird and Sexy

Finding relevant sites on adult subcultures is not always easy and many of the so-called adult directories out there are nothing but link bait, porn traders trying to improve their rankings in the search engines by generating a large number of directory pages.

I am therefore glad to say that there are directory sites out there that actually provides useful link collections and that do not put TG links into a residual category called "Fetish".

Weird and Sexy is such a site. It is weird and it is sexy and it only demonstrates the heterogeneity of human sexuality.

It is the Transgender Morphing section that is of most interest to us, although you will find every possible taste presented from face sitting to werewolfs (don't ask!).

The site is well designed with some stunning graphics.

Any complaints? There are a few dead links, and I find it really hard to see the benefit of untranslated Japanese sites (although the Japanese might disagree with me here.)

Take a look!

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