Believe, lover, believe!

Veronica was the best lover any man could have. She was patient, she was caring, she was wise. He loved her with all his heart, as a human being and as a man.

Still, his deep longings did not abate. He loved everything woman: the softness, the perfect curves, the flow of their hair and their strange way of sharing their lives and their emotions. He wanted to cry like them. Feel relief like them. He wanted to be a woman.

One night he finally had the nerve to tell her. “I love you Veronica, but want so much to be like you, and I do not know what to do about it. There is a woman living inside me, and she becomes stronger everyday. She demands a life of her own! But I do not want to hurt you!"

“I shouldn’t be too surprised, I guess,” she said. “Subconsciously we were probably attracted to each other because we have this in common. I was once a man longing to be a woman. I cannot possibly deny you, my lover, what I desired so much myself.”

“I still have some potion and holy oil left, magic once prepared by the ancient priestesses of Inanna. I got it from my grandmother, who got it from hers before that. Lay still, my dear!”

She gave him a a glass with ruby liquid to drink. It was sweet, spicy and musky. She held him for a few minutes, waiting for the right time. Suddenly he felt a strange warmth spread throughout his body. His heart started to beat faster. Veronica could hear how the pace of his breathing changed and she started to work.

She slowly massaged his legs with oil. He could feel how they started to shrink. The hair dissolved. The skin became soft and gained a sweet scent of woman.

Then she rubbed his back, gently but determined. His waist became narrower. His buttocks grew into that heart shape he loved so much.

She lovingly touched his face. His nose became small and femine. His mounth became broader and intensely kissable. His eyes were filled with laughter.

She poured some oil into his hair. It was immediately absorbed. It darkened and new lustrous hair cascaded down his rounded shoulders.

“Please, my chest!” he begged her. "Please, give me tits!"

"Oh, you would want that, wouldn't you, " she laughed. "I am sure you are going to spend days in bed just playing with yourself!"

Teasingly she shaped two beautiful young breast with her fingers.

"Bigger!" he whispered. "Please make them a little bit bigger!"

"Well, I am not going to give you two E sized melons and have you complain about your backpains, my dear," Veronica laughed. But by her touch his chest grew slowly and reached a shapely C cup.

His nipples started to itch in a pleasant way. He couldn’t believe they were so sensitive! Veronica kissed his right nipple, then licked his other breast carefully. “I love you, Veronica!” he moaned. “Don’t stop!”

“I am going to miss you, my proud friend,” Veronica told his penis as she massaged oil into his groin. The penis quickly retracted, and in a few minutes it was reduced to a small knob of pleasurable sensations.

She carefully moulded the lips of his - or rather, her - new vulva, and used her fingers to open up the passage into her sacred cave.

"Mark, you are now Monica," Veronica told him as if in a ritual.

“I will always be with you, my dear Monica,” Veronica told him. “But you must realize that everything has changed now. There will be men. Maybe kids even...”

"We have survived great challenges before," Monica answered. "We will manage this as well."

Monica noticed that she still was immensely aroused by Veronica's body. The idea of men didn't scare her, and even this new body loved the female curves.

Veronica cuddled her and whispered sweet words into Monica's ear, waiting for her to calm down. "Are you rested, my love?" Veronica asked her.

"Hmmmm," he answered.

"Then it is time to initiate your new body," Veronica replied.

She started to kiss Monica all over her body, the earlobes, the lips, the nipples and -- finally -- the vulva. When her toungue licked Monica's clit, Monica could feel an orgasm building up.

Veronica opened a drawer and pulled up a tool Mark had used on her from time to time.

"Oh, please fill me up," Monica begged, "please let me feel your dick inside me!"

Her mind exploded in a series of intense orgasms as soon as Veronica pushed the dildo inside her.

"Now, my friend, you are truly a woman," Veronica whispered.

Monica kissed her: “Thank you, my lover!"

The images are taken from the site Pussychompers.com. This is a work of fiction and the models are depicted for illustrative purposes only

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