The Not Mary Green

I am Detective Crane from the NYPD. You tell us that you are not Mary Green?

You claim to be - let me check my notes here - Mr. Rick Milton, a 45 year old school teacher from Richmond, Virginia?

Primary School, yeah, I’ve got that. So how is it that you look so much like the 20 year old Mary Green?

You should know that we have compared your DNA with the profile found in our database and we have a positive match.

She switched bodies with you, you say. Well, how do you do that exactly?

You had sex? At a motel! And how did you meet Ms. Green? Hitchhiking? How romantic!

Mr. Milton, aren’t you a married man? A mistake you say. Won’t happen again. No, it won’t happen again, Mary.

You’re busted, and you will serve no less than 25 years for the murder of your husband. So why don’t you start helping both yourself and us and come up with a more realistic story? Even you are not so stupid that you think that this will make the jury believe you are

Yes, we have called Mrs. Milton, and she has kindly asked us to keep you away from her husband. She says that you have been stalking him for several days now. She loves her husband very much, you know.

What I don’t understand, Mary, is what you want with a middle aged school teacher from Richmond. It can’t be that he is rich, because he isn’t. Is this some kind of father complex?

You will love the Women’s Prison, Mary. I hear that the dykes up there have already put up schedules for “Mary Green Sharing” as they call it.

Are you sure you won’t change your statement?

Officer! Take her out of here, will you?

Image from photos.com. This is a work of fiction picture of the model is used for illustrative purposes only. Click on caption for large version.

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