The Press Conference

Yes, we know these are disturbing pictures, but we believe that their publication is necessary.

They may serve as a warning to young men, and thus stop them from being lured into the sinister world of transgender fantasies.

This is why we have called this press conference.

These pictures were taken at a recent wedding in Spain, shortly after the socialist government introduced new liberal marriage laws of 2012, that not only accepted gay partnerships but also polygamist relationships between members of all the 26 known genders.

The bride, depicted her after the ceremony after the Iberian Church of the Transgender Ecstasy Ritus, was a British boy named Kyle in her "first life", as they call it in these circles.

Two of the men are natural, the third husband is a F2M Catalonian flamenco dancer called Carmello (né Carmen).

Kyle's road towards this depravity started over at the TG cap site Rachel's Haven where he made a few seemingly innocent transgender captions.

It went downhill from there, as is often the case in cases like these. It often starts with the use of natural herb breast growth hormones and normally ends with dabbling in the dark arts.

Kyle was soon recruited by the evil Sisters of Ereshkigal, who turned him into a sex crazed slut and married off to this Spanish anarchist collective.

Our research shows that Kira, as she is now called, as only vague recollections of her previous life. She is, as far as we know, expecting a child early next year, and the father is apparently not one of her three husbands. They are all willing to adopt the young child, however.

We can take questions now.

Yes, you young man, at the back row!

Hm, no, I will not tell you how to get in touch with the Sisters of Ereshkigal.

Next question, please....

This one is dedicated to Kira.

Images from Totally Redhead.

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  1. Anonymous2/20/2009

    Hello Rebecca,

    excellent work. Funnily enough, I felt proud as a Spaniard when I read your last caption...


    Carmelo (sorry, not a Catalonian flamenco dancer) :-)


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