Fictionmania to reopen soon

The resurrection of the mother of all TG fiction sites is close.

Carol over at TG Fiction reports that the old server files have finally been extracted from the failed hard drives.

The FM team is now completing the programming of the new server. She continues:

"The www.fictionmania.com url is being transferred to point at the new machine. The job is not finished yet, but, we are much closer to having fm back on line."

Sir Lee sums it up this way:
  • "Be a bit patient, though. We waited until now, we can wait more. We
    want this done right, not rushed.
  • When the official news that FM is up again, don't be disappointed,
    dismissive or angry if you can't find it right away. Wait a few hours
    and try again. It's probably a DNS issue that will go out on its own.
  • If you notice a problem, empty your browser cache and try again. If the problem persists, try a different browser if you have one. Then, *POLITELY* inform the Task Force (possibly through this list, unless they prefer to post a public e-mail address for that purpose) of the problem, offering as much detail as you are able."
Following the "Fictionmania is down" debate has been a mixed pleasure. Some have reacted violently to its absence, displaying severe withdrawal symptoms, lashing out at the FM team in the process.

So please remember: They do this on their own time, as a service to the community, and they deserve our thanks for putting so much effort into this.

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  1. Anonymous3/04/2009

    Wonderful news. Thanks for all your work.


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