Man transformed into sexy bimbo

Welcome to the Federal Behavioral Correction Facility, where the government helps men who have gone astray become decent and law abiding citizens.

This time, however, sometimes goes terribly wrong, as one of the caretakers starts to doubt the didactic value of the whole program.

Could it be that the prisoners are not punished by the treatment they get? That they actually enjoy the experience?

Our caretaker is about to find out.

Yes, this is another Bimbo transformation fest from Rebecca.

The images are, as so often before, from the Sextronix sites Totally Redhead and Totally Brunette. Somehow they never fail to deliver pictures of veeeery sexy women.

You can download the full screen PDF file here, or from the alternative download site here.

If you want to read the slideshow in full screen version online, you can visit Slideshare and click on Full.

Bimbo Days
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  1. Great cap but would have loved to see more what happened to Craig.

  2. Anonymous12/05/2012

    I love it! Thanks a lot!


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