So, this was your idea of revenge, was it?

To turn me into a sexy goth chick that can follow you to your heavy metal concerts, boost your ego and increase your standing in the brotherhood.

Well, think again! There is power in this body. Immense power!

I am my own boss now, and I am not going to listen to that weak piss you call music.

Metallica! Huh!

I am into black metal now, and I will tour Europe with Dimmu Borgir in the spring.

Who needs balls when you have a body of steel!

Click on images to enlarge!

This one is for Dementia!


  1. That model is SO Dee is is amazing!

  2. Dimmu Borgir is a great band. I wish I was that lucky XD.

  3. Lol, Metallica, Dimmu Borgir, LOL!! Both bands are great but that chick is better! Hmm... I wonder if anybody will make a caption for me? Hmm... I wonder.



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