Blogger has fixed the search engine crawler problem

Remember my complaints about Blogger stopping search engine spiders from crawling adult Blogger blogs like this one?

Well, it now seems Google and Blogger have solved this problem.

I see brand new blog posts from this blog being listed in Google with full titles and descriptions.

I can assure you, this means a lot towards making the TG Blogger blogs more accessible for searchers that do not know our network of TG ficition sites.

It also means that our rankings in search engine results will increase. Now Google will count the inter linkages between these blogs as votes of confidence, giving them a boost in search results.

So please, all TG blog and site owners, do spread the link love to sites that you like. We all benefit from it.

However, I suspect the reason for the recent problem of Blogger stopping some browsers from accessing these blogs is caused by the new way of coding the Content Warning page.

It was the Content Warning page that stopped the search engines from indexing these sites in the first place.

Ah well, they are working on it!

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