Blogger gets some more TG cap blogs

Google's Blogger has become a popular publishing tool among TG cappers, as it allows blogs of an adult nature (at least if you are willing to accept the Content Warning).

I have put up a blog post over at TFCC presenting more newcomers to the field.

If you know of blogs that are not listed in the left hand side column of Rebecca's World, please let me know.

Go to TFCC: New transgender cap blogs.


  1. I understand some may feel that a content warning is too much, but I am OK with it. I think it is a good way for Blogger to protect itself in a "just in case way" and still allow some freedom for people to express themselves. I am in an industry that has those that are not mentally ready for some of the images or concepts that are in our world. That said, as with anything, industrious minds will find and maybe follow bread crumbs to areas that can give them some hope in their journey of finding themselves.

  2. Thnk you for including me in that list! I just gushed when I saw it!


  3. Thanks for the suggestions, fulg! They are now included here, and I will mention them in a future blog post over at TFCC.

    As for the Content Warning, it is not the big problem it used to be. Google is now spidering blogs like this one and including links in their search results. That is what matters. I did not register any decline in the number of visitors when Blogger put up my Content Warning.



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