General Jeremy Smith

"Tom, Tom, come here!"

"Yes, what is it?"

"Are you saying that this is general Jeremy Smith?"

"Yes, he has been changed by one of those voodoo shapeshifter spells."

"And it is all right for us to fuck him, her, whatever?"

"Oh yes, that's why she comes here to the barracks every weekend and offers herself to the officers. She is one cock hungry slut that one!"

"But how could that happen?"

"Sergeant Jean Claude started it. He was born on Haiti and knows that stuff. He wanted to punish the general for that fiasco in Basra last year. However, it turned out the general liked the experience so much that he convinced Jean to give the spell to him. Jean Claude is NATO attache in Brussels now."

"He is?"

"Enough talk. Jennifer, come here! Give your hero some head!"

"Oh, oooooh! She is good! She is damned good!"

"Didn't I tell you?"

"Oh she is. I can see that this... eh... will... ugh... do a lot for troop morale!"

"Now, what are you waiting for? She is offering you her sexy little butt. Go for it!"

Images from Totally Redhead. That site has some amazingly sexy photo sets!

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  1. Great post I loved the pics I wouldn't mind seeing more


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