It started out as a very sexy game: Bill and Brian being blindfolded by their wifes in anticipation of boundless pleasures.

Except: They were not boundless. They were tied up, actually, and right now their bodies felt more than strange.

"Hello! Linda! Linda! Where are you?" Bill could not recognize his own voice. It was high pitched and trembling.

Brian sounded stressed as well: "Elaine, come back at once! The drink you gave us has made us sick. I feel strange! I feel smaller! My mouth tastes different!"

"They are gone," Brian observed. "Do you think they know?"

"Know what?" Bill replied.

"You know, the strippers, the cocaine...."

"What was it they said again?"

"They said they were going to fetch John."

"Who the hell is John?"

"Our gardener."

Bill bumped into Brian: "What's wrong with you?"


"You have tits!"

"Tits? WTF? Is that what it is? Hey, stop that!"

"Oh God!" Bill exclaimed. "I know why they are fetching the gardener!"

It was going to be a long night.

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This one is dedicated to Brenda.

Images from Sextronix Exxxcellent.

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