Guest Cap from Rachel, the Divine Princess of Caps

In any community there will normally be someone that stands out. Who takes responsiblity when the rest of us tags along. The entrepreneur. The innovator. The one that makes a difference.

Rachel is one such person. Yes, she is the Rachel of Rachel's World and of a large number of Yahoo! TG Cap groups.

It was her sites that brought me into capping, and I know of a lot of people who will be her eternally grateful for giving them a place to be themselves.

I am proud to say that Rachel has honored me with a cap of her own. (This is where any serious blonde starts giggling. Consider it done!)

Click on the image to read the story about a meeting in the park.

See also: Rachel's toolbox (with links to Rachel's cap groups and tips on how to make caps)


  1. Anonymous10/16/2008

    this is really bad with taking the copyright off of the pics and then adding your own name. Tacky! your a thief.

  2. One more thing: When Rachel or any other capper puts his or her name on a cap like this, they do not do it in order to make people believe that they took the photo. In the circles that regularly read caps it is given that noone take their own photos. The signature therefore signifies who has written the text and made the combination of image and storyline.



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