The Journalist

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"Thomas, I need to borrow your body now!" Amanda had been frantic.

"Sure, baby!" I had answered flippantly.

"No, no, no, I am serious," she had cried.

"You don't understand. I need to use my grandmother's medallion to swap bodies with you in order to complete my story!"

Amanda is a young aspiring journalist working at the New York Times. I guess I forgot to tell you that. No, she is not my girl friend. Unfortunately, because she is hot!

"Let us forget about that 'my grandmother is a witch' part for the moment," I said. "Why do you need my body to do your research?"

"The senator is member of a secret organization that only allows men, and I need to infiltrate one of their meetings. It is only for tonight!"

"I see, and the medallion part?"

"My grandmother used it in an assassination attempt at Hitler in 1944. She took over the body of Count  Edward-Heinrich von Kleiss-Schmenzerin."

"And failed?"

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"So the woman I met at the dinner party last year was really..."

"Edward, yes. I don't have time to explain this. Please, it is only for tonight."

The model is Clavio.
I didn't believe a word of it. Huh!  But here I am, in the body of my beautiful friend, wondering what to do while waiting for her to return. There is a rerun of Jaws at TV, or....

You can see more pictures of this model over at SexArt.

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  1. "... The next morning;
    "Oh, Amanda, you're already back?! I- I was hoping you would take the rest of the day... at least. Then I could spend some time shopping and, maybe hit the beach afterward!"

    "Sounds like a plan, 'Tammy'. I'm up for it, on two conditions; 1) I get to pick your outfit & take you lunch. 2) The beach we go to is a nude one!" ..."


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