Beautiful Aktomara appears over at SexArt
"Morgan, Morgan! Please help me!"

"Yes, what is it Lyndee?"

"What kind of party is this, Morgan? And why does everybody call me Lyndee? And why do I have a dress? And why do I look like a girl? I do not understand. It is not supposed to be like this, is it?"

"Calm down, Lyndee!  Everything is going to be fine, and I will explain it all to you.

"See the old lady over there, in the dress with the orange flowers? She is the Mother Superior of the Ancient Order of Inanna. She was the one that changed you into a girl. You can go over and thank her later on."

"But I am not supposed to be a girl, am I? I am Chase Lyndon. I am the CEO of Lyndon International. I own this mansion. Don't I?"

"No, Lyndee, you are Mr. Lyndon's young assistant. I am sure you will remember in time."

"No! I am Chase! Please tell Amanda that I am Chase, her husband. She does not believe me!"

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"Oh, darling, don't cry!  You are just a little confused. I would not talk to Amanda if I were you. You know, she got a little upset after he caught him in bed with Renate, his secretary. Maybe she will think you were one of his lovers too."

"But where is Chase? I mean, where am I? Oh, I am so confused."

"But didn't they tell you? This is the funeral of Chase Lyndon. We buried him this morning."

"But I am here. I am alive! And if this is a funeral, why aren't we all dressed in black?"

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"Sweet, sweet Lyndee, you have such a good heart. Chase was a cruel, bastard, Lyndee. We are celebrating the fact that he now has moved to a -- let's say -- better place."

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