New movie with magical transformation: Rosemary's Tranny

Here is Ed making jokes about Rosemary's
skills as a witch. If he only had read Rebecca's World, he
would have realized how risky that is.
Cheryl and her friends over at Tranisa.com has made their first TG movie with a magical transformation theme, and it is very sexy, indeed.

Mind you; It is softcore. The Tranisa movies develops a kind of fantasy tableaus, and it is up to you to imagine the rest.

The build up of tensions is wonderfully done, though.  It is very erotic.

We meet Ed by the fire place with Rosemary, him helping her out with some paper work.

Given that Rosemary is played by curvy Paige Turnah, it is not surprising that he is a little bit distracted. Rosemary is strictly lesbian, though, and any more intimate affiliation is definitely out of the question.
Rosemary (Paige Turnah) demonstrates how to make
a lesbian lover in ten minutes.

Ed then finds Rosemary's spell book and makes fun of her presumed witching capabilities.

As always the Tranisa dialog is infused with understated British humor, and there is some very decent acting here.

Ed makes one fatal joke though, suggesting that if she is a witch, she could turn herself into a heterosexual or  him into a woman.

This is, of course, something you do not make jokes about in front of witches (unless you happen to be a regular reader of this blog, and I do not think Ed is).

Ed finds it hard to adapt to his new
role as Rosemary' lesbian lover.
Anyway: The next morning he wakes up in a body that is amazingly similar to the one of actress Sapphire Blue, and Rosemary starts the training.

Full disclosure: I am listed as a creative consultant in this movie (wooow, indeed!). That does not stop it from being well worth the US$ 17.50.

You can download the movie over at Tranisa.

Here is the trailer:
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  1. sheesh! finally a decent storyline in one of their movies. I might have to buy that one, looks yummy!

  2. Anonymous5/19/2014

    hey becca does this have full frontal and licking each other?...sorry for the chosen words


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