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- We are very worried about your son, Mrs. Gilmore. You know that it is absolutely essential that we in the shapeshifter community keep our existence secret.

God knows what would happen if the muggles learned to know about us: persecution, lynch mobs, scientific experiments.

So what happened?  How could you even think of sending him to that summer camp? Hell, they started a search and rescue operation for your "missing son", while she was sitting there, hysterical, being accused of entering a boys' camp illegally.

- I hadn't told him.

- Speak up, Mrs. Gilmore! I can hardly hear you.

- I hadn't told him! I was so ashamed. I have never told him that he is a shifter.

Cap No. 2
- But seriously, you know that he was bound to change sometime during his 18th year. It happens to all of us. You have to prepare them.

And now Matt is all out of control, spending most of his time as Martina, dancing, partying, flirting. You haven't taught him how to control her, have you? And all because you would not admit to your own mistake.

- I am so sorry. I can't tell him about that.

- Well, you have to tell him! That you got knocked up in your alternate state, and that's why you lost your ability to change back.

- But it is so embarrassing....

Cap No.3
- Well, someone has to inform him, because you haven't told him about condoms, either, have you? Too embarrassing, my ass!

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