The Daughter of Inanna

Tessa Lane from Brazzers plays the lead
in this photo comic.
Frank is having a hard time competing with Gregory, his boss and lover boy of the office.  It is not that he has to compete exactly. He is a married man, after, but his wife is not happy with his rather reactive -- but kind -- lifestyle either.

This is, of course, exactly the kind of situations the priestesses of the Order of Inanna were trained to handle. Maybe they can help him develop his inner potential in a better and more curvaceous way.

This a 100 page long graphic novel. You do not have to read it all in one go!

You can download the PDF here or here! 

The main character, Tess, is played by Tessa Lane. The original movies the imagery is based on can be found over at Brazzers, although I must warn you that their plots deviate somewhat  from mine.

Click on the four arrow symbol below to read full screen, or go to Slideshare if you want to read this on an iPad.