Back to Babylon Academy (18)

Kennedy Leigh from Brazzers
It has been a while, but we are returning to Babylon Academy, that strange school run by the magic order of the Daughters of Ereshkigal.

This is a place where boys may find themselves turned into girls, and where they stay that way if they are not careful.

This time two older men enter the school as part of their company's lifelong learning program. They soon find out that they are getting much more lifelong learning than they bargained for.

We follow the fate of one of the two today, and the other i a weeks time.

You can read these episodes without having read the previous installments.

Kenndy Leigh plays the main role in today's chapter in the Babylon saga.

The pictures are taken from movies made by Brazzers.com and RealityKings.com, my major sources of photo comic imagery.

You can download the PDF file here and here.