White Noise

"Why do you have to watch TV?" Anna asked him.

"You are on holiday. There is a world of adventure waiting for you outside and a whole library of wonderful books. So why do you want to watch TV?"

Alex did not want to miss the latest episode of Weeds, though, and insisted.

"There is an old black and white TV up in the attic," Anna replied.

"If you insist, you silly boy. I warn you though, do not switch to channel 66. I swear that TV is haunted and the previous owner of this house apparently disappeared when watching channel 66. They say he was taken by a succubus demon."

"Aaaah, get real!" Alex responded.

Anna left for the city and Alex was all by himself.

Bored he turned on the TV and flipped through the channels. Of course there was no cable and no Weeds. And channel 66 was just white noise.

He fall asleep on the floor, the ghost like light from the TV flickering across the walls.

This one is for Alexia.

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