The Award

The banquet was down at the Paris Ritz Plaza. All the best gene artist were there, as well as the most famous biotech scientists in the world.

And they all wanted to to talk to him, Nate Bloomborn, a college student from the U.S. of A.

His girlfriend Melissa were having trouble keeping all the different forks apart.

"How are you supposed to eat with these things?" She pushed the snails aside.

"You know you are the first American to win the European Genetic Art award, don't you? And all because of that beautiful body of yours! You know what the jury said: 'Not in the history of the price has someone ever managed a DNA recombinant transformation into such a beautiful symbol of femininity!!"

He grinned. He was proud of it. It had took him six moths of careful gene splicing before he dared to inject the viral carrier into his veins.

"Well," Melissa yawned. "I for one will be glad to have Nate back. I miss his play tool! You did remember to save your own DNA profile, didn't you?"

His mind went blank.

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This cap is dedicated to Sammie

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