Pete got so scared by all the yelling that he pulled the trigger. Andy changed into a sexy space vixen before his eyes.

"Oh God, I am so sorry!" he sad and dropped the gun on the floor.

"Sorry won't turn me back!" Andy snarled in his new husky voice. The Atlantean guns have no undelete button! Now I am stuck like this, you moron!"

"Damn it, Pete, watch where you are pointing that thing!" Andy yelled. "It is a Atlantean transmogrifyer! God knows what will happen if you pull the trigger!"
Andy picked up the gun and pointed it at Peter. "Now it's your turn! There is no way I will let you get away with this!"

Peter started to run, but stumbled and fell. He could feel the unreality wave hit him like a tsunami from behind. All his molecules rearranged themselves into a woman.

Andy lifted him up and dragged him kicking and screaming into the hypertransponder. He set the destination to Xenophobia 6 and hit the button. They arrived in a Xenophobe lab of giant proportions.

Andy re-calibrated the gun to "Moxan Slime Eel" and pointed it at him.

"Sit down in that chair or you'll spend the rest of your life licking algae in the Moxan sea!"

Peter knew he had no choice. He sat down in the chain and inserted the bimbofier probe into his new vagina. As he experienced the most intense orgasms ever, his mind clouded over, his IQ dropping like a space probe caught in the gravity field of a black hole.

Peter is now serving customers in the Moxan Pleasure Dome.

This one is for Playin Petra over at Rachel's.

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The models are Masuimi Max and Evie Delatosso from GalacticGirls.com.


  1. I love sci-fi girls, good story cap

  2. I'm a huge fan of Masuimi Max. I want to work with her once I'm transformed. I hope people will make captions of our work together.


  3. @ bubblepopmei

    She is one great character, isn't she?


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