Tiresias 4: Black and Beautiful

He was one of Dr. Göbbel's rivals at the Tiresias Clinic. Now he is experiencing his first day as a black teenage girl.

Note: This story does NOT contain forced sex.

Dr. Göbbels is trying to raise a new nazi army on American soil. The goal is to establish the Fourth Reich.

As an insane but brilliant scientist he has managed to unravel the reality of the universe, recognizing that it is all information, ready to be reprogrammed for his sick needs.

Now he is trying to breed his new master race, changing men into future mothers. Not that he succeeds so well. Nature is not a national socialist and she continues to give him women of all races.
The images of Aleera Flair are from Brazzers.

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  1. Anonymous9/05/2010

    Luv it, I just adore transracial TG, the story was great and the model was gorgeous

  2. Anonymous9/07/2010

    I didn't like this one so much.....it didn't show the transition, it was short and the new girl just accepted it very easily.

    It was basically just watching a girl masturbate...the transformation aspect wasn't very strong.

    How about more with the doctor and henchmen to build up the story, and more with the girl resisting and more focus on the fact that the models turn out a different color.

    Not just a sidenote, but actual reactions and frustration

    The first in the series was phenomenal, and the second was close, but the last two have been very short and disapointing.

    Perhaps look for some more bdsm stuff that fits the stories a bit more?

  3. This is one of the shorter ones. More complex stories coming up!



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