Addiction Part 1

It helps to have a drug dealer in your office building, or at least: that is what he thought.

He didn't realize that F was much more radical than E. Nor did he understand the hidden agenda of his female drug dealer.

Here is a two parter on a man that goes into a trap of the most amazing proportions.

Go to Slideshare and click on Full for that full screen experience!

Alternatively download the full screen PDF file here or here!

The images are from Brazzers.com.

The story continues next week.


  1. Anonymous9/24/2010

    I liked this story, very well developed and such a turn on :)

    thanks again for the awesome captions/stories

  2. Tenakitten9/24/2010

    I am definately looking forward part two. :)

  3. Very nice series. I love the addiction part. Hope to see even more of these with some bimbo elements as well.

  4. I want to say, you do so many slideshows and it must take so long. What fantastic patience you must have.



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