"Nah, it is only a matter of minutes now, dear. Yeah, as soon as they get a taste of my magic milk, they find it so delicious that they cannot stop drinking, and that seals their fate. Every cell of their bodies starts metamorphosing, the DNA rearranging into sweet and submissive girls.

"Aaaah, you have been a bad boy, haven't you Ethan? You have been looking at other girls, haven't you? Yeah, you have! And when you saw me, you just had to try to seduce me. Yeah, but you are no longer a boy now, are you? Your girl friend says your new name is Grace!

"You see, Susanne, the idea of lactation drives them wild. Basic psychology, I guess. You were right in coming to me. He has probably been cheating on you for ages. All men are bastards. He will be so much happier as a girl, you know. Not that he deserves such happiness.

Yeah, he will remember his life as a man, although right now he is probably not able to think at all."

When his body started changing, Ethan had tried to pull away, but the witch had held him hard, forcing him to swallow more of that warm sweet liquid. Now he could feel a strange sense of peace. The feeling of his penis shrinking into oblivion felt natural somehow. He grabbed the woman's tit and wondered how it would feel to have two of his own. He could feel them growing. It was only a matter of time now....

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This one is for Grace.

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  1. Wow . . . so erotic, so powerful, yet so subtle. I absolutely adore it.

    (and, yes, I'm a little jealous!)


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