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Models: Kate Stroud, Becky Roberts, and more from St.Mackenzies.

«She is kind of sweet, isn’t she?» Anna commented. «You know in a a very blond kind of way!»

«So what? What is wrong with that?» Emily touched her blond curls.

Bren looked at the newcomer and smiled: «Welcome to St.Mackenzie’s, sweetie! Did they change you yesterday?»

«Of course they did, you can see that in the bewildered look in her eyes!» Anne smiled. «She was definitely born yesterday!»

«OK, what’s your name darling?» Bren asked. «James!!! No, no, no! We do not use those names here, dear. They will have given you a new one. I am sure they told you... You have to speak up with that lovely feminine voice of you, dear, I cannot hear you.... Pearl! ...Ah, that is a lovely name.»

Anne went over to Pearl and took a closer look. «Was it the missus that brought you here, Pearl? The boss? Not that any of it matters any more. They may have told you that they will change you back one day, but I seriously doubt it.»

She turned over to the other girls: «Will she do as a member of the club, girls?»

«Ah, we’ll se, we’ll see,» Bren replied.

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