Dee dear

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Model: Samantha Bentley from St.Mackenzies

«Damn it!» Damien cursed. «Those hypocritical petit bourgeoisie good for nothing morons!»

«Yeah, yeah!» Bren sighed. «And I was just drawn into the vortex of your stupidity. What kind of idea was it to fill MacLoud’s car with concrete anyway?»

«He is a blockhead!»

«And see what it brought you! He is still in Parliament and you have been turned into a girl and enrolled at St.Mackenzies, Dee, dear.» There was sarcasm in Bren’s voice.

«Yeah, what kind of sexist crap is that!» Damien wound himself up. «How can it in this age and day be considered a punishment to be a girl?»

«It is all about the testosterone, dear.»

«Stop dearing me! Besides, girls can be as aggressive as men!»

«Yeah, I can see that.»

Damien sighed: «The outfits are kind of nice though. That was a nice touch.»

«Yeah, there is that.»

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