The Bride

This one is for Shagufta. Click on image to enlarge.

You look beautiful my bride, you surely do. I know that this wasn't exactly what you had in mind when visiting this land. I guess you wanted to see the cultural sights, the Taj Mahal and all that, and you will my dear, in time.

But you see, there is a reason for you being drawn into that temple. even if you are devout Muslim. There was a reason for you drinking from the forbidden well. You were called by the divine forces dwelling there. If you hadn't been called the water would not have changed you.

I was also called there for a reason. I saw a bewildered man walking on sacred soil. I intended to stop you, but an inner voice held me back. "Let her go!" the voice told me. "She is for me. She is for you!" And when I finally entered that sacred ground, I found you crying hysterically on the floor.

There is no reason to cry anymore my love. This is your wedding night: Rejoice!


  1. I Once Again Take The Opportunity For Your Wonderful Caption. Kudos Rebecca.

  2. Anonymous3/11/2013

    Sweet and hot!


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