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No, Bunny, your wife is OK, just as we promised you. As long as you do as we say, we will not hurt her. We are quite civilized you know. It is just that you had just the right looks our customer in Columbia is looking for: the bimbo school girl pout you are so good at.

You know what? I am not sure your wife would even want to have you back by now. She would be immensely jealous of your massive boobs and I am afraid that shrinking cock of your would bring her little pleasure. I am sure you understand that it will have to go before we ship you to Columbia. Don't worry, our surgeons are good at this. They will reshape it into a sensitive little clit. We need you to orgasm. That is our main means of positive conditioning.

Yes, Bunny, you do look beautiful, and all of us here at the team love you. Come here, sweetie. Bend over and let me fuck that sweet little ass of yours.

Images of Sarina from Shemale Club!


  1. Leonides8/23/2011

    I really enjoyed this one. Poor Bunny had better get used to hopping from one cock to another!

  2. Anonymous8/23/2011

    I would give anything for that to be me.

  3. Anonymous8/26/2011

    I wish I was Bunny.


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