TF Media 2

Osiris and his friends have set up a successor to the very popular and much missed TF Media site.

The new is also for the sharing of transgender caps and stories.

The new site is simply called TF-Media2, and has much of the material found on the older site.

Here is the statement from Osiris:

"Welcome to TF-Media2.net , successor of TF-Media.net. This site is an attempt to maintain and rebuild the community founded over there two years ago.

While TFGuy has done a great work setting up and maintaining the old site, he cannot be blamed for loosing interest and time. So, here's in the clearest way I can express it: Thanks a million, TFGuy, your work has been much obliged! But now it's time to move on.

Drupal, the cms layer behind TF-Media.net has finally updated to a newer stable version, and thus we can benefit from the technical improvements. Site loading times are (hopefully) going to be faster, and with our lessons learned, we can manage our content more efficiently.

So that's where you ask: Where is the content ?And I would then answer: The content is gone. Well, not exactly, but it's a mess I'd rather not implement automatically. No, the content is surely there, but it's all messed up. Again, no one to blame for that, it's the way Drupal was.

I have inserted the CYOT automatically, and see, the content is there, the encoding is ?#$%. So, the only way to do things right is to manually upload everything again.

That's where I need help: The site is currently in alpha stage and closed for users. That is, you can view all public content, write comments and posts in some places, but you cannot upload or change anything. We are going to keep this policy until late beta phase.

Currently, this site is looking for all kinds of staff. We are primarily looking for Content migrators. That means, if you are an author of captions or stories, or you want to help upload former content, please contact me. I will then enable an account for you with the settings you require, so you can upload your own work. There will be no censorship, as long as you obey the posting guidelines.

We are also looking for Proofreaders: If your skill in English is adequate, you can contact me to become a proofreader. After activation you can correct mistakes in other people's work and supplement information where necessary.

These jobs are going to be temporary, you are not bound to be ever present. After the site is set up in final state, all Users will be granted the permission to contribute, but proofreaders will still be of need. I am looking forward to a great time and new management, -osiris-"

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