Brenda Enrolled

"Brian, I am sure our viewers would very much like to know how you ended up here at St. Mackenzie's Institute of Learning."

"Eh, do I really have to?"


"I dunno. I guess I was a little rude, you know. Kinda....eh... rude.... you know!"

"To your mother?"

"Yeah, and to my sister. And to my co-students, the female ones I mean."

"You didn't like girls?"

"Naaah, I dunno. I just wanted to tease them a little, you know."

"And this was what led to your parents sending you to this school for young girls."

"Yeah, they said I would learn to appreciate the value of womanhood."

"And you said yes to this?"

"It was either this or prison, so I thought: What the heck, what could be so bad about spending a year in a girl's college?"

"But it did not work out exactly as planned?"

"No, not really, no."

"They used a nanoviral treatment to turn you into a girl."

"Yeah, bummer! They call me Brenda, now."

"But now you kind of like it, I surmise."

"Yeah, I like the sexy uniforms, you know. And I like having long hair. And the make-up. And the boys in the Twilight Saga, and I like Ayumi. She is my best friend."

"Do you think you will ever be a boy again?"

"I dunno. Will I?"

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  1. Your stories are really turning me into a cocksucking slut! THANKS HEAPS! *giggles*

    Just to share with my fellow sissies, I found Mistress Emily while searching for free sissy assignments. Take a look but be careful as I have been following her assignments and now have ZERO traces of a boy on me. She is STRICT!


    Sissy Alicia


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