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Here's a short TG photo comic I made for Venatus over at Rachel's.

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  1. Anonymous8/18/2010

    just an fyi, not that it matters but all navy seals are required to be male

  2. fulg188/19/2010

    Considering that this is a future world where there are transformation tanks to turn men into women as part of the judicial system, I don't think it's so unlikely that the future seals of that world would be co-ed.

    Great story, as usual, Rebecca.

  3. Anonymous8/20/2010

    Actually, there are specific reasons (which I'd rather not get into) why females are not permitted to become Navy SEALs, or join any other Special Forces division in the U.S. Military, including the Army Special Forces (Green Berets), Army Rangers, Marine Force Recon, and all sniper divisions.

    I hate to burst your bubble, but it's actually very UNlikely that in a future world females will be allowed to join the ranks of these special forces battalions. It's not being sexist, it's being practical - and I mean no offense by that.

    But still, it was an excellent story. For next time, I suggest making the ex-Navy SEAL something more like an ex-CIA/MI6 operative, or perhaps even a military martial-arts instructor. Those guys can kill with guns or their bare hands quite easily.

    Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed the slideshow. Job well done :)

  4. Anonymous8/26/2010

    As a side-note, I recently read an article about a 29-year-old female CQB (Close Quarters Battle/Combat) instructor in the United States Marine Corps who is an expert in martial arts, specializing in Brazilian Jiujitsu. That is a very plausible route to take in the future.

    One thing you might want to note is that military martial arts are very different from civilian martial arts. While your children may learn a martial art at the local studio and become a black belt, they will only be able to defend themselves. Killing or even seriously injuring an assailant is never the goal, and civilian martial arts instructors never teachs methods that can kill.

    In the military, on the other hand, the purpose of martial arts is to kill, and therefore military martial arts are far more lethal than their civilian counterpart.

    During the Vietnam War, Navy SEALs (irony not intended) had a 200-1 kill-to-death ratio against the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army(1). It has been reported that almost 80% of those kills came from the SEALs' knifes, which they used in combination with mixed martial arts. A friend of mine is an ex-Navy SEAL and a veteran of the Vietnam War. He counted the amount of kills he had with his knife alone: 467. He said almost all of those were used in combination with his melee training in lethal martial arts(2).

    (1) United States Naval Museum
    (2) Theodore Baer, LCpl., Navy SEALs (ret.)

  5. Anonymous8/12/2011

    Loved this story please do more


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