Dalene in White

- Dylan? I don't know. Some of them get moody after the change. I believe it is the loss of male privileges.

- What male privileges? Do men have privileges?

- They say so. You know politics... They can be sent to die in wars and stuff.

- I see. And they don't have to carry the burden of multiple orgasms and a long life.

- Exactly.

- Ungrateful SOB's aren't they?

- Yeah, but they do come around eventually. You did.

- That was when I discovered the fun of shopping. Having a beautiful body makes it so much more exciting.

- And the sex.

- There is that.

- Hey, Dalene. Get up! We are going shopping!

This one is for Dylan.

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  1. Didn't catch this on the haven. Oh well, got to see it now.

  2. I love it so much and I love the extra pic in this one! I just feel so delicate.

  3. Lovely pic, and lovely sentiment :)

    Nice Work!



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