Babylon Academy is back with episode 8: "Tricked"

I have made several new episodes in the Babylon Academy series.

This second series is slightly different. I suddenly found myself writing more complex stories, with more interesting dialog, especially from episode 10 onwards. Don't worry, though. There will be magic changes, beautiful girls and a lots of hot sex -- as usual.

Most of the stories are free standing, and can be read independently.

Babylon Academy is a college run by the witches of the Daughters of Ereschkigal, and ancient Sumerian order committed to the overthrow of patriarchy. They recruit their new members by changing boys into girls.

Sam is one of the less wealthy boys that are benefiting from a Babylon Academy scholar ship. He is about to find out that there actually is a price tag.

Click here and then on "full" for that full screen experience!

Alternatively download the full screen PDF file here or here!

The photos of Carmel Moore are taken from the mega adult site Brazzers.com, my favorite source of capping material.


  1. I am glad you liked it!


  2. Anonymous8/22/2010

    Ehhh Didn't really like this one as much. The guy didn't even have a fair chance. With the others, it was hot 'cause they gave into the temptation when they had another way out. Also, this guy wasn't a prick or chauvinist. He was a cool guy. If anything, he should've been the one to convert one of the girls.

    I say, he could have beaten it if they didn't put him in a corner with his education.

    Heck, I actually would like to see one guy beat it. Maybe suck dick and take strap-ons up his cunt and ass, but, in the end, beat the witches and get a little bonus for doing so.

    Really was rooting for this guy.


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