The Body Shop

- Good afternoon, Sir. How may I help you?

- I am looking for a body.

- Certainly sir, did you have any particular model in mind?

- The Belinda model I think. Buxom. Short hair. Mischievous.

- I see. A gift for the missus, then.

- No.

- Mistress? We are very discreet.

- How very?

- Very very.

- It is for me.

- Ah, an adventurer! Follow me, sir! I believe we have a transfer chamber ready for you. Cash or card?

- Am Ex.

- That'll do nicely. There is a fee of 5000 extra for new ID papers.

- That's OK. My lawyer will handle that.

- You will need cosmetics, Sir. We have an exquisit Apple Bloom shampoo that fits well with the Belinda range. And then there is the Body Shop Belinda perfume. I can offer you this special Belinda Gift Set. It has all you need.

- I guess you are right. OK, I'll take it.

- What about clothing, Sir? It comes with the regular green Body Shop dress, but for 300 extra you can have a more sexy outfit.

- Sexy? Hm?

- There is lingerie involved, Sir. Silk and lace.

- I'll take it!

- What do you want us to do with your present body? Storage? That will come to 340 a month, VAT not included.

- Nah, recycle it!

- Really, sir?

- Yeah, it is good for the environment. I won't need it anymore.

This one is for Jay.

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  1. Oh why can't such a lovely story be in the mall next to foot locker?


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