The Waterfall

Well, look at that! I had always thought Stephen had a blonde inside him, but you can never be sure about these things.

Look at that face, he looks pretty bewildered now, doesn't he? Stunned, more like it.

I certainly hope he doesn't faint and fall into the water. Erik nearly drowned, remember?

Gawd, this one is a hottie. Look at those tits, man! I can't wait to take a closer look at those two.

By the way, did you bring the suitcase, Frank? Yeah? Do you think you have a dress that fits this one? Size A, I would say. All right, that's good.

Hm, I am surprised Stephen agreed to this trip. You did tell him about the properties of this water, did you not?

Hey, Frank! I am talking to you! You did warn Stephen, right?
Damn it, Frank, what is the matter with you? Not again!!!

This one is for Steffie!

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