Slip sliding away

It started at the costume party. Anne suggested she should dress up as a man, and he as a girl. She worked miracles with clothing and make up. He even had a couple of boys hitting at him before the evening was over.

The she made a game out of it. "Do you dare to go to the cinema dressed as a woman?" And then they went shopping, you know for lingerie and small sexy black dresses that fit him better than her. He had always had a petite body.

He should have stopped there, of course. But she had so much fun, and he liked her sweet smile. The sex was wild! She insisted on being on top, and he got used to it. He did protest a little when she bought that strap on, but it felt kind of good, actually, to give in like that.

The hormones? All right, that was a mistake! He should have said no, but you know... She had told him his nipples would become "orgasmically sensitive" and they did! They really did.

Bending over for Anne's brother was another mistake. He knew that. But it felt like a good idea at the time. And given that Anne wanted him to move over to her brother's place anyway, it made sense to learn to know him. Didn't it?

This one is for Sammie.

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