Maria and the lilitu demon Part 2

150,000 years ago, when the human race was young, 12 lilitu demons grew out of the dreams and desires om man.

They grew out of his desperate attempts to understand what makes the universe tick: the differences between dark and light, heaven and hell, left and right, life and death, and the male and the female.

But the lilitu demons transcended anything man could imagine. They united the opposites, and appeared as women with strong masculine traits. They decided that their role was to bring man out of his narrow mind and show him that everything is united after all.

Lilith has turned Mark into a hot girl and turned him over to the secret Sisters of Inanna, an ancient order that is aimed at overthrowing the patriarchy and restore the worship of the ancient goddess.

We meet him again in the middle of his initiation into the mysteries of the order.

The images are from Brazzers.com.


  1. Anonymous3/20/2011

    Can you fix this link

  2. The box.net page has a download button. Try it. If that does not work use the alternative divshare link. They should work. You can also download a copy from Slideshare.

    (Redundancy! :)

  3. There are two alternative PDF links on the page. Both work from my side. If you select the box.net link you will be forwarded to a page with another download button. Select that one.

    You can also download a copy from the Slideshare page.


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