Lake Arkaig

You find me fascinating, don't you Damien? My dark mystique, my unrelenting gaze and my wings... are they real or are they fake?

He told me this would happen. "When you have served your time," my predecessor said 300 years ago, "you should go up to the Castle of Lake Arkaig and wait for your successor. He will come, just like you did."

And here you are, drawn by the fates, to relieve me of my womanhood, so that I can return to my life as a male.

Although what life that will be, I don't know, now that all my childhood friends are gone.

Don't move! The magic won't let you! Believe me, I tried.

But it isn't too bad, Damien. I am not a cruel woman - or man, all depending. I have saved up some money for you, and I urge you to do the same for your successor, when he comes.

And the life as a teenage girl has its advantages. None of the boys I seduced knew that I was over a hundred years old.

It is time for the switch, Damien. I will take good care of your body. Now, go out and be a heartbreaker!

This one is for Dementia!

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  1. Anonymous6/17/2010

    These pictures are really cool. Where are they from?

  2. Lovely pic selection(s), and very engaging story.. Thank You!




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