Where did he go?

"Have you seen Greg? Did you see where he went? Oh no, I told him the water is dangerous around here. No, no, no! Greg! Where are you Greg?"

Mary ran down to the beach and looked out over the water.

She had told him again and again: Never, ever get close to the water. It was extremely dangerous. This lake was owned by the goddess Inanna and was for women only. Men should never, ever, bathe here!

She couldn't see him. Maybe he had just went over the hill to pee or something. He was a man, after all, and got easily restless.

She shouldn't have brought him here, but she loved this place. It was so peaceful and beautiful and brought back so many fond memories.

Out in the lake she could see a head surface. A small, feminine nose, sensual lips, long hair floating in the water. Then she could see the whole body, magnificent tits floating in the water.

The girl swam ashore with strong, self-confident, strokes.

"Greg?" Mary looked at this divine apparition with a tear in her eye. "Greg? Is that you?"

"Mary! I am so glad you brought me here! Look at me! I am beautiful, am I not? I feel so strong, so powerful and damn sexy!"

Mary, born Mike, looked down at her lover and cried. All of the women born out of these waters were heterosexual. This was the third man she had lost this way.

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