The Lady of the Lake

It was a hard and steep slope, and they had been walking for hours.

Alex was breathing hard when he reached the top. He turned and looked back at Milly and Randolf.

"You won't believe this!" he called out to them. "I don't believe it myself!"

They joined him a few minutes later and looked down at the scenery at the other side of the hill.

"Damn!" Milly said.

"This isn't the place we visited the last time. There wasn't a lake here, that's for sure."

She looked down at her map. "There isn't supposed to be a lake here! Randolf, check the GPS!"

"Nope," Randolf said, "we are were we are supposed to be. Could someone have made an artificial lake up here?"

"I seriously doubt it, "Alex said and started downhill. "This landscape doesn't look anything like the place we saw last year."

"There must be a natural explanation for this," Milly said and followed him. "Be careful, Alex, you never know what you'll find down there!"

When they reached the bottom of the valley, the lake was still there: green, calm, beautiful.

"Well, it looks real to me," Milly said. "I don't know about you, but I need a bath."

She stripped and jumped naked into the water. At first nothing happened. Then Milly started to scream, moving violently around in the water, as if she was trying to escape something.

"What is it?" Randolf yelled and jumped after her. He wanted to stop her from drowning. He swam quickly out to Milly while Alex was watching from the shore. Then Randolf started to scream as well.

Alex didn't know what to do. What was this? Some dangerous fish? Toxins? But he couldn't just leave them out there, now, could he? He wouldn't be able to live with himself if he did.

He followed them into the water. It was cold, but that was not the problem. He swallowed some of it. That was the problem. It tasted like nothing he had ever tasted before. It was wonderful, fresh, nourishing. But then he started to scream, as had the others.

He felt his body changing. His testicles were already small because of the cold water, but now he could feel them move upwards into his body. He grabbed his dick and felt it slip away between his fingers. He went under, swallowed more water, and managed to get up to the surface.

He struggled desperately to get back to the shore. At the same time as he could feel his chest swelling. He stumbled up on the shore together with the two others and fell down on the ground. He looked down at his wet clothes. Two mounds of flesh strained his shirt. Long red hair covered his shoulders, wet now, and cold.

He looked over at the two others. A young boy grasped his crotch: "Goddamit, I have dick!" That must be Milly.

Then the other redhead was Randolf. He sat still, trying to push his tits back into his body. They sat like that for a long time, until Milly came to her senses:

"This place isn't real," she said to the two others. "This is a magical place. It is a test of sorts. Nature wants us to try the other side."

This seemed to make sense to all of them, even if it shouldn't.

They dried themselves, put on their clothes, made a camp fire, put up the tents and had dinner and coffee. Slowly they came to their senses, becoming increasingly curious about their own new bodies.

Alex borrowed Milly's comb, and started to comb his hair. Randolf looked at him in amazement. "My oh my, you are beautiful!" he whispered and came over. "Could you comb my hair, as well?"

Soon they found themselves captured by an ancient female ritual of grooming. Randolf touched Alex's cheek, Alex found himself kissing the new girl's soft lips and soon they were embracing, getting more and more turned on by the minute.

He heard a strange yelp from Milly, who put her hands in her lap, embarrassed.

"What is it?" Alex asked her.

"I've got an erection, damn it!" Milly mumbled. "You turn me on!"

"Let me see!" Alex commanded, feeling a strange sensation in his gut. It was not, unpleasant, mind you.

When he saw the bulge in Milly's briefs, he could not help himself. He crawled over to her place and pulled down the elastic. A stiff cock pointed proudly up towards the sky.

Alex grabbed it with both hands, fascinated by its texture and hardness. Then he put it in his mouth. The idea of sucking cock would have made him run for another continent only a few hours ago. Now he enjoyed every moment of it.

Soon the three of them found themselves exploring each other bodies, trying to savor and understand the true meaning of being a man or a woman.

In the end both Alex and Randolf found themselves on all four, begging Milly to fuck them. The feeling of having a hard cock sliding into his body made Alex shiver in pleasure and he cried out as spasm after spasm shook his body.

They fell asleep in each other's arms. Even if the water was cold, the air was warm.

The next morning nothing had changed. Alex remained a girl, as did Randolf and modest Milly was clearly getting used to her new role as a boy. She commanded them around as a drill sergeant.

When they climbed the hill some hours later, they expected everything to be back to normal, but what they found at the other side of the top was a landscape they had never seen before. A few wooden buildings, sheep grazing, a brook and a water mill.

"What is this place?" Milly asked.

"I don't know," Alex replied. "But why don't we go down to the farm down there and find out..."

This cap is for Lady Alexia.

The pictures of the models Hanna, Milla and Alex are from Sextronics.

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  1. OMG! Thank you so much. I love this and the way it allowed me to feel so good as I read it. This was such a great surprise during the holiday weekend here. Just wonderful.

  2. Anonymous3/14/2011

    I like tg stories and manga and i seen on storie influence of an old manga called Ranma 1/2.....Congratulations I love this manga and I loved the storie


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