What it feels like for a girl

The Madonna song "What if feels like for a girl" is fascinating from a transgender view point, as Madonna correctly assumes that the boy has actually wondered about how it feels like to be a girl.

Anyway, I have put together an animated slideshow with sound and pictures of lots and lots and lots of beautiful girls from the classy Met-Art site.

You can download the video files here:

QuickTime-MOV-format from Box.net (Warning! Large size 158 MB)

The picture above to the right is of Katya. You can get access to pictures of her and all the other girls by clicking here for the Met-Art site!


  1. great post ...it took a lot of work and it looks very good

  2. That was wonderful Beccs. I got sorta lost in thought wondering what it would be like. I feel a desire to be more feminine, just not sure what is next for me.

  3. Anonymous9/20/2009

    A hundred times better than the original videoclip.
    I always wondered who hired the hack that directed that videoclip, as it had absolutely nothing to do with the lyrics of this song (which ofcourse was a HUGE disappointment to me when I first saw it on TV).


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