The Librarian

Hello Jay!

You finally found your way to the library, didn't you? No surprise there.

You probably heard someone talk about that evil witch of a librarian who captures young boys while they are preparing for their finals.

They told you how she puts a spell on the poor, lonely, sex starved nerds and turns them into young, attractive, sexy, irresistible dream girls.

You know: The kind of girls that never look at you, and who only talk to you when they want you to help them cheat on the exam.

You have dreamed about how it be to be one of them, haven't you?

To be at the centre of any party. To have boys drool over you. To be able to dress up in sexy lingerie and silk stockings. To have to comb your long hair every morning and put on make up.

And having sex. Real sex. Not just fantasy pixels on a screen.
Well, welcome to my boudoir!

Now, what do think, girls: do we need a voluptuous red head or an athletic blonde?

This one is for Jay S over at Rachel's.

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  1. The second picture isn't linked to anything.

  2. *raises hand* I think you need a sexy red head that likes girls and boys and collars and being a good bad girl. *giggles* me please.

  3. Nylon699/29/2009

    How about one more brunette? I love to dress up in sexy lingerie and silk stockings. And have sex. Lots of sex.

  4. Anonymous10/04/2009

    Please make me meet the evil witch. I want to be turned into one of those girls and start a new life in that body:)! Max


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