The Nerd and the Magic Sword

Bill was a nerd, and he knew it. He loved video games, knew Star Wars by heart and was loved by his teachers for his extensive knowledge of anything but sports.

He knew that while the Prince Charmings and the Cheerleaders of his school may be at the top of the pyramid right now, he would grow rich and influential when they would grow fat and unhappy.

In due time, that is, when his programming skills had made him an entrepreneur and a millionaire.

That did not comfort him much, because right now his life was hell.

While his hormones filled his veins like in all teenagers, he remained small and bony. All of him remained tiny, including the thing he had between his legs.

The only big about him was his ears and his glasses, and that did not help when he dreamed of girls.

They were everywhere. Wonderful girls, beautiful girls, sexy girls, with their shiny hair and their feminine noses, with their long legs and curvy bosoms. He longed for girls like that, and admired them with a deep longing from afar.

He never dared to approach them, of course, and if one of them -- for some obscure reason -- decided to talk to him (normally to get the correct answer to a test question) he stuttered and blushed and made a fool of himself.

The fact was that he was utterly confused about himself and the role of women.

He did long to embrace one of them and to feel their skin against his. He wondered how it would be to go to the movies with one of them and share a happy memories, but at the same time he admired them so much that he wanted to be like them.

He would like to share their looks and feel that careless joy that comes from being admired for your beauty.

Some nights he fantasized about being a beautiful woman, caressing her soft and curvy body.

And if he was to be a woman, he wanted to be a real one, with a voluptuous body that would make women envious and men mad of desire.

He loved fantasy literature and knew everything about myths and magical objects. One day while surfing on one of the more obscure web sites he visited, he found a discussion on the legendary Sword of Lacton, according to legend one of the few artifacts left from the lost continent of Atlantis.

Bill did not believe in stuff like that, not really, be he was desperate now, and when an item popped up at Ebay that claimed to be the famous sword, he bid on it and won.

When he got, he was sorely disappointed, for this was clearly a plastic artifact made in South Korea and not in Atlantis.

That did not stop it from being out of this world, however. It must have been its magic symbols that made the difference. They had probably seemed like gibberish to the Korean designer, but he had in fact copied from a real Renaissance manuscript on Hermetic Magic.

So when Bill took up the sword, he could feel a strong surge of magic flow through him. The sword peered into his most secret dreams and started to work.

At first his clothes changed. Red stockings climbed up his legs at the same time as his legs became slimmer and much longer. Over his red T-shirt he found a blue top that slowly expanded in the same tempo as his chest.

He grabbed his growing tits in shock, as if trying to keep them back. That was futile, however, as they were powered by his own unconscious desire for big, soft, bouncy breasts.

Soon the top started to fall apart under the pressure, and two huge globes of female flesh pushed what was left of it upwards.

His fear gave way to exaltation as his tits continued to grow. He found it hard to hold on to them as they slowly but steadily passed the D cup, the E cup, the F cup. "My God," he said to himself. "I don't think the alphabet is long enough for these tits."

They were so heavy that he had to sit down to steady himself. He could feel his heart racing in anticipation of he did not know what, but he knew that his life as a skinny nerd was over forever.

The sword had clearly transformed him from one kind of freak to another. But now the world would look at him in amazement, not in pity.

Admittedly there were a part of him that was starting to get worried.

How would his new feminine back handle this weight? Where could he get clothes that fit his new body? But then he realized that these problems were minute compared to his the ones he had left behind.

And just when he thought it was all over, he felt a shiver run down his spine and a moan passed his lips. He could feel a rush of heat passing through his body, as the nipples of his enormous breast stiffened and became rock hard.

He had to lie down on the bed to calm himself, but that didn't help much. He felt dizzy and delirious as he felt a strong pressure in his tits. It was not an unpleasant feeling. He knew that something strange and magical was about to happen.

He felt his pussy getting moist of excitement. He managed to reach it by forcing his right arm under his heavy breast. He started to explore the secret folds of his sex, finally finding his love nub.

He could feel his back try to form an arch in anticipation of the oncoming orgasm, but his tits were to heavy to lift. Instead his whole body shook as if in fever, and he made unintelligible feminine squeaks as his pelvis lit up in an intense explosion.

"My God, my God, my God!" he screamed, trashing around, oblivious to anything around him.

He tried to breathe more slowly as the orgasm subsided. This had been a feeling beyond anything he had ever experienced. He knew deep in his heart that no man had ever felt this way, not even the successful superstars of attractive manhood.

He looked up into the ceiling and tried to imagine himself as the woman he had become, out there, with people he knew. He knew for sure that his male friends would drool over his new body, but would he like them?

He tried to imagine how it would be like to be touched by a man. At first he felt nothing. In fact, all he could think of was Marianne, one of the cheerleaders of his class, and he imagined himself kissing her soft lips. Oh yes, he would like that. Not that Marianne was a lesbian, though.

Then another image broke the surface of his mind. He could see himself on all four, his heavy tits resting on the bed, while an unknown man climbed up into the bed behind him.

He could clearly imagine how it would feel to have his erect penis touching his labia, and how it would be to have him thrust his big dick inside his wpussy.

Now he could feel his toes curl in anticipation as another orgasm approached. This time it was as if his tits went into overdrive. A close to unbearable pressure gave way to pleasure as the two breast started to pump out milk.

He was lactating! Two fountains of milk started to cover his body in warm, white liquid. He had never thought that possible. (Not that he thought any of this possible).

He let his finger stroke his milk-covered left tit and stuck it into his finger.

The milk tasted sweet and calming. It was absolutely delicious. He suddenly realized that it was there for a purpose. It was as magical as the magic of the symbols of the sword. Any person that drunk that milk would be in his power forever.

He started to get horny again. He needed someone to hold on to, someone to share this joy with. He grabbed the phone and dialed the number of his only friend, Erasmus.

"Erasmus, it is me Bill. No believe me, it is me, even if my voice sound strange. Listen, I have something to tell you. Would you please come over to my place right away!"

None of them would remain virgins this night, that was for sure!

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