Slave - a tale of forced womanhood

Anyone who has read erotic transgender fiction knows that there is one type of fantasy that is more common than any other: the idea of a man being changed into a woman against his will.

And most of these stories combine this sex change with revenge and humiliation.

You have asked for it, and you will get it. I have several traumatic TG horror stories in the pipeline, and here is the first one!

A man decides to punish his sister's rapist in the most degrading way possible! It is a new story set in Freya's spellbook universe.

You can download the full size PDF directly here or you can view the full screen version over at Slideshare.

And please remember that this is just a sexual fantasy, OK? If you ever come into the possession of the spellbooks, please go to one of the TG discussion forums and ask for volunteers! I can guarantee you that you will get more playmates than you can handle.

The photos in this story are taken by Realitykings.com, which some of you may have realized by now is my richest source of pictures of beautiful women. You get access to some 16 sites if you subscribe to their service, and it is definitely worth the money.

For more spellbook universe stories, see Freya's site.

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  1. Anonymous5/28/2014

    I enjoyed it very much I sometimes desire to be dominated by a group of women who takes as a hostage and force me to do what they can dream up. I am at their mercy. I am forced to dress in women clots
    all the time that I am their slave


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