Fictionmania overload

The growth of the TG fiction community is clearly demonstrated by all the trouble the TG story sites are experiencing. They are kneeling, one after the other.

The mother of them all, Fictionmania, is slow on the best of days, but has now become close to inaccessible, especially on Sundays.

In a message on the Yahoo! TG Fiction group, Vickie of the FM Task Force reports that Fictionmania is in no way dead, but the overloaded primary server (which provides the home page and the titles and descriptive matter by day, author, etc.) gets impossible on Sundays, with multiple timeouts when in maximum use:

"Our overtasked founder Mindy has about finished programming a newer larger one with the same URL but has yet to take it to a server farm to live forever as we would wish. Or at least longer than the current one."

The secondary archival text server, the one that delivers the story files, is working fast enough, but it does need to be reached via the slow primary.

I guess the message is that we all have to be patient. I am just grateful that Mindy, Vicky & Co do all this volunteer work on their spare time.

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