A Strange Dream

Here's another erotic transgender "photo story" slash "slide show" slash "multipanel caption" for you!

Verne falls asleep sunbathing and wakes up in the body of a sexy girl. Is this a true sex change or is is just a particularly clear and lucid dream?

Push the button below to read on! And yes, if you want a full screen version (and you really do!), got to Slideshare via this link and click on "full" or download the PDF file here!

SoCalSecret over at Rachel's Haven (a great artist who is modifying comic book covers over at TGComics, sent me an email explaining that there is indeed a word for this art form, namely fumetti. The word comes from the Italian word for comics, "fumetto".

Photo novels are not particularly popular in the US and Northern Europe, but has many followers in Spain, France and Latin America, although I doubt transgender adult stories is a common topic.

Alternative download server.


  1. Thank you for another wonderful story, Rebecca! Every time I get a chance to check out your blog I always leave happy. I love the choice of model for this photo story and the lucid dream angle seemed to fit perfectly for the choice of pics.

  2. Thank you! I am glad you liked it. More coming up!


  3. I liked this one a lot. The dream idea went well with the pics. Simple story, nicely done. Thanks.

  4. nks for the thumbs up! Sometimes the story precedes the selection of pics, but the best stories are normally those where the images themselves inspire the story. As in this case.



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