Red String at the Hospital: Japanase Transgender Erotic Movie

I have previously written about Japanese transgender erotic movies, and how most of them seem to follow the same simple formula: (1) Bodyswap, (2) Fascination and Masturbation, (3) Forced Sex, and (4) Return to Normal.

Indeed, the setting is often also similar: schools, with teenagers swapping. I guess this reflects a general Japanese male interest in school girls in uniform. Whatever causes crossdreaming, it is bound to be shaped by the local culture.

I will follow up my post on the popular Red String series of movies, giving you a taste of Red String 4, code named idol119.

The red string is a magical conductor that leads to the body swap.

In this episode the school yard is replaced by a hospital, and the sexy school girls with equally sexy nurses.

The movie has some truly bizarre aspects (including some of the music and the strong autoerotic focus), but there is a very nice erotic lesbian scene.

The following clip is sexually explicit and for adults only!

If the embedding does not work, download the clip here.
If you want to buy the movie, the following stores may be of help: (search for idol119 or IDOL-119)

h-lov is in Japanese, but you could use Google translate

See also my post on Dream Story. and helpful comments under the post on IDOL-114.


  1. GREAT! Nobody know where i can find the tg, teacher experience full?

  2. Thanks for posting this Rebecca!

  3. @Plakka

    You might try the links I included below the embedded movie.


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