New sites covering transgender fiction

There are those that believe that transgender fiction is a West European and North American phenomenon, the end result of a particular type of cultural repression of gender challenging dreams and behaviors.

I know for sure that it is not. India has a thriving TG fiction scene. I have found some of my caps translated to Russian. And, as I have documented, Japan even has a gender bender porn industry.

Being Transgender is a new portal for transgender captions and stories that should interest all of you.

Yes, it does hava special focus on what it calls "Hindi TG captions and stories", but the fact is that the blog covers all kinds of English language TG fiction and caption sites, including general new of interest to people who read TG fiction.

It also has a decent Google powered search engine that might be of help to you when tracking down caps and stories.

Those of you interested in erotic transgender fiction might also want to take a look at Bending the Bookshelf, which is a site that reviews and presents what we can call gender challenging fiction, including TG stories.

What makes this site especially interesting is that it includes interviews with many of the authors, especially those that publish books (e or paper).

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