Butterfly Hill 1: Butterflies 1

And so it begins, at the truck stop of
Butterfly Hill.
The beautiful waitress is Alanah Rae
from brazzers.com.
Butterfly Hill is a hidden town, found only by those drawn til it. It lies in Nevada somewhere, but does not appear on maps or satellite images. And everyone who appears in Butterfly Hill is changed for life, if he or she sleeps there.

The Butterfly Hill series constitutes my first graphic photo novel, with chapters double the length of my normal photo comics.

In this first episode we meet Ellen for the first time.

While waiting for a way out of Babylon Hill, she is working as a waitress at the diner down by the truck stop. And where there is a truck stop, there are truck drivers.

I am remixing images from several videos made by Brazzers here. You can see the original movies over there. But please note that my stories are not even remotely similar to the Brazzers scripts ;)

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